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Nuclear Waste
Cleanup Pumps

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Provide submersible sump pumps for erosive/abrasive slurry/sludge transfer service

Water, radioactive with uranium and other main constituents in suspension, up to 7.7% solids by weight, up to 1/4" size with Brinell hardness of 370, 1.064 SG, ambient temperature

Duty: 70 GPM @ 619 ft. Total Head

Model: 6000 US-RX-HD2 (A10)
Commercial submersible centrifugal sump pump: abrasive-resistant, extra heavy-duty, explosion-proof (motor) design

Suction: 3" FF Flange (300#) equivalent with Nitronic 60 studs (8)

Discharge: (1") 2" FF Flange (300# rating) on centerline

  1. Material of construction: (Certified) Wrought, Fabricated Type 2507 Duplex (High Chrome) Stainless Steel
  2. Motor: Reliance Electric Duty Master explosion-proof submersible modified with 2507 duplex S/S bottom motor adaptor (by Corcoran), special outboard mechanical seal (by Corcoran, see No. 3), Viton O-rings and 50 feet of power and control cables: 40hp, 3505 rpm, 460v, TENV-XP enclosure, 250TY frame, with Steel-It 4 Part Type 316 Stainless Steel epoxy coating (by Corcoran)
  3. Mechanical seal (outboard): Crane Type 8B1 balanced pusher with Silicon Carbide (rotating) vs. Tungsten Carbide (stationary, pinned-in) mating faces, Viton Elastomers and Hastelloy C-276 metal parts
  4. Warrick moisture detection control circuit box, Type 2800-4D4
  5. Certified hydro-static Test #1: 750 PSIG
    (pump end only without motor or outboard seal)
  6. Certified performance test (witnessed)
  7. Certified hydro-static Test #2: 475 PSIG
    (complete pump with motor assembly)



Provide commercial horizontal pedestal mounted pumps (8) for erosive/abrasive slurry/sludge transfer service

Water, radioactive with Uranium and other constituents in suspension, up to 10% solids by weight, up to 1/4" size with Brinell hardness of 370, 1.067 SG, ambient temperature

Duty: 65-70 GPM @ 686-791 feet total head at 51-59 Hertz operation with max impeller (14.50" diameter)
Model: 6000 FHB-HD2 (A10-2B)
ANSI-type pedestal mount, abrasive-resistant, extra heavy-duty, double-sealed design
Suction: 2" FF Flange (300#)
Discharge: 1-1/2" FF Flange (300# rating)
on centerline at 9 o'clock position
  1. Material of Construction: (Certified) wrought, fabricated Type 2507 Duplex (high chrome) Stainless Steel
  2. Motor: WEG W21 Severe Duty; 75HP, 3555 rpm, TEFC, 365TS frame, 1.25 SF
  3. Mechanical Seal: Crane Double Type 8B1cartridge: Inboard: Tungsten Carbide vs. Tungsten faces: Outboard: Carbon vs. Silicon Carbide faces: Viton elastomers and hastelloy C-276 metal parts
  4. Crane/Lemco Plan 53A Dual Pressurized, Zero Emissions system with five gallon reservoir, shipped on separate stand with low pressure, low and low low level and high temperature switches
  5. Inpro Stainless Steel bearing isolators with Viton O-rings, synthetic oil in pedestals
  6. Certified tests on each pump: Hydro-static Test #1: 750 PSIG
    (pump end only without seal); Performance Test (witnessed) at 51 thru 59 Hertz operation; Hydro-static Test #2: 475 PSIG
    (complete pump assembly)
Provide maintenance-free, completely drainable, MST strike tank transfer pumps (3) for nuclear waste clean-up application

Caustic waste solution (salt slurry) with 0.07% by weight solids, 1.3 SG, 95°
F, 10-14 pH, Radioactive ambient*

Duty: 120 GPM @63ft. Total Head

*Top of tank (Affects Motor): Gamma Center of tank (Affects Pump): Alpha & Beta
Model: 6000 VEP-2 (A20)
Commercial vertical centrifugal sump pump with submerged product lubricated sleeve bearing (1) fabricated from SRS-specified materials
Suction: 2-1/2" FF Flange (150#)
Discharge: (1-1/2") 2" Non-fitted at the m.p. (23.75 x 31.38 x 3/4" Thick type 316 S/S)
  1. Material of Construction: 316(L) S/S (Shaft: 2507 duplex S/S)
  2. Pre-formed graphoil packing rings (4) at the mounting plate
  3. Casing gasket: 321 Ag (Stainless Steel/ Silver)
  4. Impeller: Enclosed design, 11.75" diameter, with drain holes (2) at hub and no wipe-out vanes
  5. Motor: 10 hp, 1170 RPM, TEFC 256TC Reliance Electric with radiation resistant Class H/RH nuclear insulation
  6. Thrust bearing: shielded and packed for life with Exxon Unirex grease and protected by graphoil packing ring above and below
  7. Sleeve Bearing: Praxair Stellite 6B (on 2507 duplex S/S shaft) vs. Nitronic 60 with dual fluted I.D.
  8. Extension below mounting plate: 70.94" to suction flange
  9. Certified Hydro-static test (100 PSIG: Casing) and witnessed performance test
  10. Certified vibration analysis (<0.20 in/sec Peak Velocity at duty point measured at motor thrust bearing)