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Pedestal Mount
Centrifugal Pumps

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Provide commercial horizontal pedestal mounted pumps (8) for erosive/abrasive slurry/sludge transfer service

Water, radioactive with Uranium and other constituents in suspension, up to 10% solids by weight, up to 1/4" size with Brinell hardness of 370, 1.067 SG, ambient temperature

Duty: 65-70 GPM @ 686-791 feet total head at 51-59 Hertz operation with max impeller (14.50" diameter)
Model: 6000 FHB-HD2 (A10-2B)
ANSI-type pedestal mount, abrasive-resistant, extra heavy-duty, double-sealed design
Suction: 2" FF Flange (300#)
Discharge: 1-1/2" FF Flange (300# rating)
on centerline at 9 o'clock position
  1. Material of Construction: (Certified) wrought, fabricated Type 2507 Duplex (high chrome) Stainless Steel
  2. Motor: WEG W21 Severe Duty; 75HP, 3555 rpm, TEFC, 365TS frame, 1.25 SF
  3. Mechanical Seal: Crane Double Type 8B1cartridge: Inboard: Tungsten Carbide vs. Tungsten faces: Outboard: Carbon vs. Silicon Carbide faces: Viton elastomers and hastelloy C-276 metal parts
  4. Crane/Lemco Plan 53A Dual Pressurized, Zero Emissions system with five gallon reservoir, shipped on separate stand with low pressure, low and low low level and high temperature switches
  5. Inpro Stainless Steel bearing isolators with Viton O-rings, synthetic oil in pedestals
  6. Certified tests on each pump: Hydro-static Test #1: 750 PSIG
    (pump end only without seal); Performance Test (witnessed) at 51 thru 59 Hertz operation; Hydro-static Test #2: 475 PSIG
    (complete pump assembly)

Recirculating pump for "heavy water" (0.89 SG & 73 Cp viscosity), designed for 250°C (482°F) and 700 PSI inlet pressure: 8 GPM @ 40 FT TH (19.5 PSI boost).

Model: 2000F-HD3 (AA05-2)
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 3/4" x 1/2" RF FL (600#)
  1. Extra heavy-duty construction, fabricated from type 316 Stainless Steel round bar and plate stock.
  2. Group II bearing pedestal, oil lube; no cooling required.
  3. John Crane type 8 B-1 balanced mechanical steel: carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces, viton elastomers and 316 Stainless Steel metal parts.
  4. Crane/Lemco heat exchanger with piping per plan 21 (required 14 GPM of 80°F cooling water).
  5. Certified hydrostatic test: 1100 PSIG.

Nuclear Facility clean-up site required dilute caustic (3 to 5%) circulating pumps (located outdoors) designed for direct water wash-down, zero emissions and continuous duty: 12 GPM @ 140 FT TH (low flow, high head)

Model: 3000FH (AA05-1)
Pedestal Mounted (Group I) Double-Sealed
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 1 1/2" x (1/2) FF FL (150#)
  1. Thermal convection cooling system with S/S supply tank. Armored level indicator and low level switch (durametallic) + fluid temperature indicator & NEMA 4 low blanket pressure switch
  2. Delta 3200 double cartridge mechanical seal
    (carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces), 1 1/8"
  3. Full-size drip pan: 1 1/2" high, 1" FNPT plug and drain on channel steel base (ANSI 2T)
  4. All non-S/S parts covered with 3 coats of polyamide epoxy paint (gray)
  5. 3/4" FNPT plug & drain on pump housing
  6. Motor: U.S.E.M., 5HP (1 1/2 HP required at duty point), 3450 RPM, premium efficiency, chemical duty, TEFC, 184T frame

Scrubber recycle pumps for municipal sludge management facility, rate 100 GPM at 75 FT TH, required zero emmision and full independence.

Model: 3000FH (AB-1)
Pedestal Mounted, Double Sealed Centrifugal
Size: 3 x 1 1/2 FF FL - 4.75"
  1. 316 Stainless Steel construction
  2. Double type 40/21 EP mechanical seal with circulating ring according to API plan 53/ANSI 7353 seal flush system, with Durametallic 400 C-2-AG-LL supply tank (stainless steel with armored level indicator & low level switch)
  3. 5 HP, 3500 RPM, TEFC, chemical processing and high-efficiency motor (Baldor)
  4. Certified Hydrostatic and QHP tests

Chemical plant constructor required "Heavy-Duty Pedestal Mount Hydrocarbon Liquid Centrifugal Pump" for liquified natural gas facility: 326 PSI inlet pressure (duty: 96 GPM @ 15 PSI boost @ 0.54 SG).

Model: 3000F-HD3 (A10-2)
Heavy-Duty Pedestal Mount (Group II)
Size: 2 x 2 RF FL (300#)
  1. 304 Stainless Steel construction.
  2. Enclosed impeller: 4-1/2" diameter.
  3. John Crane type 8B1-40B (1-3/4") balanced mechanical seal (carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces, buna-n elastomer and 304 S/S metal parts.
  4. Baldor chemical processing motor: 3 HP, 3450 RPM.
  5. 316 Stainless steel-epoxy coated channel steel base with S/S guard.
  6. Certified tests: Performance (QHP), Hydrostatic (520 PSIG), Leak, Run-in, Motor check-out.

(Low flow, high head)
Maintenance at a food processing plant required a mixture of hot water and detergent at 12 GPM @ 70 PSI (162 FT TH).

Model: 4000F (AA05-1)
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 1 1/2" FNPT x 1/2 FNPT
(Tangential Discharge)
  1. ANSI group I oil lube bearing pedestal with vented oil-level gauge
  2. Single, internal mechanical seal, 1 1/8"
    (carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces, viton elastomers and 316 S/S metal parts)
  3. Motor is Wash-Down Duty 3 HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC, 145T frame
  4. Small discharge (1/2 FNPT) and narrow (1/4" wide) vanes enclosed impeller provide steeply rising curve and smooth operation at low flow conditions

Remote location pumping caustic (50% NaOH at ambient temperature) with no provision for external water flush; 30 GPM @ 166 FT TH

Model: 4000FQ (AA05-1)
Pedestal Mount
Size: 1 1/2" x (1/2) 1" FF FL

  1. Oil-filled quench gland (Option "Q") at atmospheric pressure isolates the single internal mechanical seal and prevents crystallization of the caustic soda between the seal faces and the outside
  2. Low Flow, High Head Design: Enclosed impeller with 1/4" wide vanes, 6.69" diameter
  3. 7.5 HP, 3450 RPM, 575 volt, TEFC motor
Pump a proprietary water-like substance in a reverse osmosis system at 1000 PSI inlet pressure.
Model: 4000 F-HD
Pedestal Mount, End Suction, Heavy-Duty Centrifugal
Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Size: 1.5" x 1 FNPT
  1. Performance: 32 GPM at 60 PSI boost.
  2. Seal: Crane type 8B1 EPDM elastomers, special carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces, 316 S/S metal parts.
  3. Motor: 10 HP, 3450 RPM.
  4. Group II bearing frame.
  5. Hydrostatic test at 1500 PSI for one hour.
  6. Suitable for CIP cleaning with caustic & acid.



At 298 PSI inlet pressure, produce 80 PSI boost at 36 GPM of 100°C CBS carbamate solution.
Model: 4000 F-HD3 (AA-2)
  1. All commercially pure wrought TITANIUM construction, ASTM Gr. 2 (Shaft: all ASTM GR. 4).
  2. Crane type 8 B1 blanced mechanical seal: All metal part TITANIUM, carbon vs. silicon carbide, viton elastomers.
  3. 1-1/2 x 1 RF 300# FL ports.
  4. ANSI group II oil lube bearing pedestal.
  5. NOL motor: 10 HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC, chemical processing.
  6. Certified QHP and hydrostatic (800 PSIG for 1 hr.) tests.

Chemical manufacturer must batch circulate an abrasive slurry (water with 10% barium hydroxide and 2% titanium dioxide), 392° F, 250 PSI inlet pressure, 1.1SG, pH 14: 200-300 GPM @ 20 PSIG boost

Model: 4000 F-HD3 (A70-2B)
Size: 4 x 3 RF FL (300# rating)
Motor: 10 HP, 1760 RPM,
explosion-proof, 215T
  1. Material of construction: Commercially pure titanium, ASTM grade 2. (Titanium Shaft: One piece solid round bar, ASTM Grade 4)
  2. Mechanical seal: A.E.S. type DMSF double cartridge (TC vs. SIC and SIC vs. carbon mating faces, kalrez and AFLAS elastomers, titanium sleeve, hastelloy C springs, 316L stainless steel gland) x 1.875".
  3. Bearing isolators on pedestal with synthetic oil.
  4. Seal cooling system: Cast iron heat exchanger with titanium coil and titanium piping
    (Plan 53 double seal vessels supplied by customer).
  5. Certified hydrostatic test: 400 PSIG.

International Precious Metals Mining Corp. required a diesel engine driven pump to move a corrosive nickel/copper solution through a pipeline in the remote Canadian wild at 275 GPM @ 25 ft. TH

Model: 5000F (A80-2)
ANSI Pedestal Mounted Centrifugal
Size: 6" FF FL (150#) x 6" (4) FF FL (150#)
  1. Certified Titanium (commercially pure) fabricated construction: ASTM Grade 2
    (shaft: one piece, round bar, ASTM Grade 4).
  2. Single internal metal bellows mechanical seal: 1.750" dia. Silicon Carbide vs. Silicon Carbide mating faces, Viton O-rings, Hastelloy C-276 metal parts.
  3. Lombardi diesel single cylinder compact engine with electric starter, alternator and fuel tank: 10 HP, 1200 rpm, diesel engine, 12 volt battery.
  4. Includes channel steel baseplate, Rexnord Omega spacer coupling and guard.
  5. Complete unit shipped in under three weeks.
Paper and specialty forest products manufacturer required 90 GPM @ 90 FT TH of slurry (Na 2SO 4, H 2SO 4, NaClO 3, ClO 2, H 2O2) with 10% gas at 190°F.
Model: 5000FH-VOR (A50-2B)
ANSI Pedestal Mount Double-Sealed
Recessed (Vortex) Impeller

Size: 3 x 1.5 FF FL (150#)
  1. Commercially-pure titanium material of construction (ASTM Gr. 2); Shaft: one piece solid round bar (no sleeve), ASTM Gr. 4.
  2. BW-IP 5 Star type 87-15 double/tandem mechanical seal: with sintered silicon carbide vs. sintered silicon carbide faces, kalrez o-rings, Hastelloy-C springs and titanium metal parts.
  3. Impeller: slip-on, recessed (vortex) design; 10.50" diameter.
  4. Soft feet (pump housing support): less than or equal to 0.002 inch.

Self-prime JP-4 fuel at rate of 300 GPM at 81 FT total head.

Model: 5000 F-SP
Pedestal Mounted Self-Primer
Size: 3 x 3 FF FL
  1. 304L Stainless Steel construction.
  2. Carbon vs. silicon carbide mechanical seal.
  3. Reliance 10HP, 1750 RPM explosion proof motor with non-sparking non-reverse ratchet mechanism.

Major Artificial Sweetener Manufacturer required 126 GPM at 1000 FT TH (446 PSIG at 1.03 SG) of water with 2% HCI, 3% NaCl and 2% Organics

Model: 5000 FM2
Pedestal Mounted, Rear Suction, Two
Stage (opposed impellers) Centrifugal

Suction: 2" FF FL (150#)
Discharge: 1 1/2" RF FL (300#)
  1. Hastelloy C-22 (C-276) Material of Construction
  2. Inpro Bearing Isolators
  3. Bearing Frame Cooler Connections
  4. 1 7/8" Durametallic CBR Mechanical Seal (located at rear suction; Sees suction pressure only): Hastelloy C-22 metal parts, Silicon Carbide Mating Faces, Kalrez O-Rings
  5. Union Carbide LW-5 (Tungsten Chromium Carbide) Sleeve Bearing vs. Rulon 641 (food grade) throttle bushing (between stages)
  6. 316 S/S paint on all C.I. & steel surfaces
  7. 75 HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC motor

(Low Flow, High Head)
Pump boiler feed water (255° F, 0.93 SG) at rate of 27 USGPM @ 360 PSIG (773 Ft TH) boost.

Model: 5000 FM-2
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 2x1 RF FL (300#)
  1. Two-stage design, with opposed impellers (enclosed 1/4" wide vanes).
  2. Rear suction (single, internal mechanical seal sees only suction pressure).
  3. Crane type 2 (1.750") mechanical seal (XF1D1), Carbon vs. T.C., Viton Elastomers.
  4. Group II oil lube bearing pedestal.
  5. 40 HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC-XP motor.
  6. Certified Hydrostatic and QHP tests.

Pump various mixtures of chromic acid and sulfuric acid at high temperatures - up to 160°F.

Model: A80-2
Material: Fabricated of commercially pure Titanium
Size: 6' x 4' x 13
  1. Performance: 1000 GPM at 150 FT at 1750 RPM (75 HP non-overload).
  2. Available: Group I and Group II ANSI B73.1 size.
  3. Additional available materials of construction:
    316 Stainless steel
    304 Stainless steel
    Carpenter 20 Cb-3
    Carpenter 20 Mo-4
    Hastelloy C-276
    Hastelloy B-2

Paper plant required a pump with an outdoor location for 34 GPM @ 185 Ft TH, 93% H2SO4 (1.83 SG), at 1750 RPM.

Model: 6000F (AA05-2)
Material: All Carpenter 20 Cb-3
Size: 2 x 1/2 FL
  1. Special 1/2" flanged discharge connection on pump centerline.
  2. Built to conform to 2x1-13 ANSI A 10-2 dimensions.
  3. Single, internal mechanical seal (silicon carbide vs. high purity ceramic mating faces, viton o-rings, metal bellows design, Carpenter 20 Cb-3 metal parts).

Major midwest steel producer required corrosion-resistant pumps (4) for "strong ammonia liquor" application (NH 3, H 2S, HCN) with smooth, vibration-free operation under low flow, high head conditions: 20 GPM @ 139 FT TH and 35 GPM @ 128 FT TH.

Model: 6000F (A10-2)
Pedestal Mount

Material: Commercially pure Titanium,
ASTM Grade 2 (shaft: ASTM Gr. 4)
(including all pump fasteners)
Size: (Pump) 2x1 internal, built to conform to ANSI A20-2, 3 x 1.5-13 external dimensions and connections
  1. Crane type 9 mechanical seal (1.750"), chemical grade carbon vs. silicon carbide, EPDM O-ring on seat, titanium metal parts.
  2. Inpro bearing isolators.
  3. Stainless steel channel base, coupling guard, bearing pedestal bracket & sight gauge.
  4. 10 HP, 1750 RPM, XP motor.
  5. Certified Hydrostatic and Performance tests.

Boiler feed water application:

338 Deg. F condensate 100 PSI inlet pressure
Duty: 350 GPM @ 750FT TH (360 PSI boost)

Model: 6000F (A40-2B)
Heavy Duty Ansi-Type Centrifugal
Size: 4" RF FL (150#) x 3" RF FL (600#)
  1. Stainless Steel-Fitted Carbon Steel Construction
  2. Shaft Material: etd - 150
  3. Mechanical Seal: Crane Type 4200 Cartridge (1 7/8"; Carbon vs. Silicon Carbide Mating Faces, Viton Elastomers and 316 S/S Metal Parts)
  4. 1/2" FNPT Connections (For Heat Exchanger Lines) From Discharge and into Cartridge Seal Gland
  5. Inpro VBX Bearing Isolators on Group IIB Pedestal (With Oil Level Gauge and Thermostat)
  6. Glass-Filled Teflon Throttle Bushing To Isolate Mechanical Seal
  7. Motor: 150 HP, 3450 RPM, TEFC, 445TS Frame

Major paper products manufacturer required abrasion-resistant pump for erosive, dense (1.5SG) lime slurry application: 200 GPM @ 140 FT TH

Model: 6000F (A40-3)
Pedestal Mount Centrifugal
Material: Malcomized Stainless Steel
(.005 - .007 case depth &
93-94 Rockwell 15N hardness)
Size: 4 x 3 FF FL
  1. Crane type T-515E (2.750") cartridge mechanical seal Code: XP90 1 058.
  2. Group III bearing pedestal with Inpro VBX bearing isolators, Synergy 790 lube oil, and vented oil level gauge with thermometer.
  3. Full-size enclosed impeller (14.5" Dia.) with 3" wide vanes and integral repeller for approx. 1415 RPM operation (belt driven).



Department of Energy Application: Deionized water at 450°F, 1250 PSI inlet pressure, requires 65 GPM @ 141 FT TH (50 PSI boost at 0.82 SG).
Model: 6000 F-HD3 (A10-2B)
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 2 (900#) RF FL x 1 (1500#) RF FL
  1. Centerline mount, heavy-duty, high pressure, high temperature design.
  2. Group IIB bearing pedestal with bearing frame cooler connections and vented oil level gauge w/thermometer.
  3. Crane type 8B1 H (1-7/8") cartridge type mechanical seal w/pumping ring and throttle bushing.
  4. Crane/Lemco HE-636-WH heat exchanger and piping per ANSI 7323 & API 23.
  5. Motor: 10 HP, 1750 RPM, high efficiency ODP, 215T frame.
  6. Fabricated channel steel base (27" x 58").

Engine valve manufacturing company required 800 GPM @ 200 FT TH of deionized water at ambient temperature.

Model: 8000F (A80-3)
ANSI-Type, Pedestal Mount
Size: 6 x 4 FF FL (150#) -17
  1. All wetted parts: 316 (L) Stainless Steel.
  2. Group III oil lube bearing pedestal with air dryer constant level oiler and oil thermometer.
  3. Mechanical seal: 2.500" type 2140V (carbon vs silicon carbide faces, viton elastomers and 316 Stainless Steel metal parts).
  4. Fabricated and reinforced channel steel base: 20x68.
  5. Enclosed impeller: 15.22" diameter.
  6. Motor: 75HP, 1750 RPM, TEFC, 365T.

Major Oil Company required two self-priming pumps subject to their extremely strict QC & QA standards: Duty: 400 GPM @ 210 FT TH (including up to 20 FT lift) of waste water with dilute H2SO4, NaOH & MEK and NPSH-A of 15 FT

Model: 8000F-SP (A40-3)
Size: 4x4 RF FL (150#) -17
  1. Carpenter 20 Cb-3 material of construction, Positive Material Identification independently verified by Texas nuclear alloy analyzer 9277.
  2. Certified, witnessed & independently verified performance (QHP), hydrostatic (225 PSI), suction lift capability (Hydraulic Institute dry vacuum & actual lift with 6" pipe) and NPSH-R tests.
  3. Single internal mechanical seal: Sealol type 670 metal bellows (2 1/2") with silicon carbide faces, Kalrez elastomers and Hastelloy C-276 metal parts.
  4. Motor: Reliance 50 HP TEFC-XE premium efficient, 1750 RPM, 326T frame.
  5. Kalrez housing (casing) gasket.

Bahamian entrepreneur required a centrifugal self-primer to lift (approx. 8') limey sea water from indigenous coral wash-down operation (800 GPM @ 189' TH)
The limey water is dried out and the residue ("drive lime") exported to Florida for use in road repair.

Model: 8000F-SP (A80-3)
Pedestal-Mount, self-primer
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 6 x 6 FF FL -17

  1. Group III bearing pedestal, oil lube
  2. Single internal mechanical seal (2 1/2"): carbon vs. silicon carbide mating faces, viton elastomers and 316 S/S metal parts.
  3. Motor required: 75 HP, 1750 RPM
  4. Impeller: fully enclosed, 5 blade, 1 7/8" solids handling capability, 15" diameter.

Monosodium titanate slurry in caustic solution with ‹5% solids, ‹50 Microns in size, 120°F, 1.26 SG, 1300GPM @ 74ft. TH: for Dept. of Energy "Saltwater processing facility cross flow filter full scale test" for radioactive high level waste

Model: 6000 FH-HD1-VOR (A90-3)
ANSI pedestal mount (Group III), Double-sealed, Heavy-duty design with recessed (Vortex) Impeller
Size: 8 x 6 RF Flange (150#) - 14
(Impeller Actual Size: 10.25" Vortex)

  1. Material of Construction: Certified Type 316 (L) Stainless Steel
  2. Crane Type 5620PR double cartridge mechanical seal: (inboard)
    SIC vs. Tungsten Carbide (outboard) Carbon vs. SIC,
    EP Elastomers (O-rings) with pumping ring
  3. Crane/Lemco Plan 53A double seal flush system with low level switch and 3 gallon stainless steel reservoir
  4. Reliance IEEE841 Motor: 100hp, 1785rpm, 480 v. TEFC, 405T frame with sealed bearings and certified tests (hi-pot, locked rotor, no load, full load and vibration)
  5. Certified pump tests: Performance (QHP) at 60HZ and 30HZ operation (half speed), hydro-static (150 PSIG), and NPSH-R, noise and vibration analysis at duty point
  6. Bearing isolators in pedestal with synthetic oil