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Vortex Pumps

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Textile dyeing machinery manufacturer required recirculating hot water (with interrupted suction) at 205°F with lint and string and low Static Head: 200-500 GPM @ 44-16 FT TH.
Model: 5000 DH-VOR
Close-coupled, double sealed, Vortex impeller
Material: 316 Stainless Steel
Size: 4 FL x 3 FL (Top Horizontal Discharge)
  1. 7" diameter Vortex (recessed) impeller.
  2. Double seal: (Inboard: silicone carbide mating faces, viton elastomers and 316 S/S metal parts: Outboard: carbon vs. high purity ceramic mating faces).
  3. Motor: 10 HP, 1750 RPM, TEFC, 215TC frame w/feet.



  1. Empty the wash-down sump at bottling plant.
  2. Survive high-pressure hose downs.
  3. Cover the sump (to protect employees) and allow sump to fill only with runoff water, floor dirt and bits of broken glass.
Model: 3000VEC-1-Vor
Cantilever Design, Vertical Sump Pump
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 1.5" Discharge
Duty: 40 GPM@35 FT TH
  1. Recessed (Vortex) impeller.
  2. Malcomized (case hardened) casing, discharge elbow and impeller.
  3. Custom designed, raised and screened-in mounting plate (all Stainless Steel).
  4. Baldor washdown-duty motor: 2 HP, 1750 RPM.
  6. XP limit switch and 316 Stainless Steel float, rod & stops.

Pump apple waste products with up to 3" diameter solids at rate of 400 GPM @ 30 FT TH. Match existing Hydro-rail submersible pump mount.

Model: 4000 US-RS (A70) VOR
Submersible Sump Pump
Size: 4" Flanged Discharge
  1. 316 Stainless Steel construction (pump end).
  2. Recessed (Vortex) impeller.
  3. Reliance duty master submersible motor: 7-1/2 HP 1800 RPM, TENV, 180TY frame:
    Moisture sensing probes, automatic reset thermostats, tandem mechanical seals (Outside: Carbon Vs. Silicon Carbide, Viton Elastomers & 316 Stainless Steel metal parts).
  4. Motor has 316L Stainless Steel-epoxy coating.
  5. 316 Stainless Steel loose pin anchor shackles on motor.

Major carpet manufacturer required pumps to circulate dye becks (water-like dye at 210°F) with unfiltered and unscreened yarn waste forming "strings" and "balls"; low NPSH-A and low static head: 900-1000 GPM @ 13 FT TH.

Model: 5000VEC-SS-PED3
Vertical Cantilever Shaft, Centrifugal
Size: 6" (Non-fitted, mounted on dump box) x 4" FL Horizontal Discharge
  1. All 316 Stainless Steel construction (including bearing and motor supports, guards and fasteners).
  2. Recessed (vortex) impeller with wipe-out vanes.
  3. Shaft Seal: Crane 1625G Graphite Flushless Packing.
  4. Motor: Toshiba EQP3-XS: 15 HP, 1150 RPM, TEFC, Premium Efficiency, 284TC Frame.
  5. One piece 316 Stainless Steel cantilever shaft supported by Dodge 1-15/16" EZ nylon coated Stainless Steel bearings with automatic pressurized lubricators.
Paper and specialty forest products manufacturer required 90 GPM @ 90 FT TH of slurry (Na 2SO 4, H 2SO 4, NaClO 3, ClO 2, H 2O2) with 10% gas at 190°F.
Model: 5000FH-VOR (A50-2B)
ANSI Pedestal Mount
Recessed (Vortex) Impeller

Size: 3 x 1.5 FF FL (150#)
  1. Commercially-pure titanium material of construction (ASTM Gr. 2); Shaft: one piece solid round bar (no sleeve), ASTM Gr. 4.
  2. BW-IP 5 Star type 87-15 double/tandem mechanical seal: with sintered silicon carbide vs. sintered silicon carbide faces, kalrez o-rings, Hastelloy-C springs and titanium metal parts.
  3. Impeller: slip-on, recessed (vortex) design; 10.50" diameter.
  4. Soft feet (pump housing support): less than or equal to 0.002 inch.